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NCOSS has released its research exploring the lived experiences of virtual care in NSW.  

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual care has expanded rapidly. The availability and choice to use virtual care has catered to many people in the community, providing more convenience, flexibility and comfort to their lives. However, this experience is not universal and there are still significant groups of people struggling to access and use it.  

The findings in this research highlight the benefits of virtual care and the value of continuing it as an option alongside in person care. While they are broadly positive, they also show the stark digital health divide that exists in our community. There is still much to do to address the systemic and structural barriers to accessing and using virtual care.  

Our recommendations, developed in consultation with key stakeholders, aim to improve the way virtual care is accessed and delivered so that all members of the community can benefit from the invaluable service and the impact that high-quality healthcare has on peoples’ lives. 

Read the summary report here 

Read the full report here