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A new report from NCOSS, Beyond roads and bridges: Critical social infrastructure for South West Sydney, highlights the growing demand for services in one of the fastest growing regions in New South Wales, South West Sydney. 

The NSW Government has recognised the importance of investing in physical infrastructure such as roads, airports and public transport in this region. However, it has not adequately funded the social infrastructure needed by these growing communities. 

Social infrastructure is the buildings, spaces, services and networks that support the quality of life and wellbeing of our communities. Investing in them is critical to avoiding entrenched poverty and disadvantage. 

This report looks at eight crucial areas of social infrastructure—social housing, community facilities, disability services, community mental health, domestic and family violence support, child protection, migrant and refugee services, and financial counselling. 

Modelling undertaken by Impact Economics and Policy for the report estimates that to address unmet need and population growth in South West Sydney by 2041 governments will need to invest up to an additional $3 billion each year in current dollars, including: 

  • $1.9 billion in social housing and housing assistance 
  • $426 million in community mental health services  
  • $422 million in child protection services  
  • $109 million in domestic and family violence services  
  • $51 million in migrant and refugee services 

The findings in this report underscore the importance of preventative measures in areas like domestic violence, child protection, and mental health. 

Investing in these services has the potential to drive the economic fortunes of the region, and lift many of the residents of South West Sydney out of financial stress and poverty. The alternative is a worsening divide, deepening entrenched poverty and disadvantage in these communities. 

Read the media release here.

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