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The following government, private sector and other types of organisations that have joined as Friends of NCOSS to support the work of NCOSS are listed below. If you are not already a Friend of NCOSS you can join NCOSS to advocate for a more equitable, thriving and inclusive society. The sliding fee scale can be viewed here.

NB: The not for profit human services organisations are current members of NCOSS can be viewed here.

  • Affirm Organizational Development and Training
  • Allwood & Associates
  • Assessments, Quality, Performance (AQP)
  • Aster HR
  • D Jamieson Consulting
  • Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON)
  • Geddesnairn Development Fund
  • Inside Out Recovery PTY LTD
  • Multicare in Australia Pty Ltd
  •  Sasha Kanthan Pty Ltd