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Social service NGOs have taken on numerous roles to support communities impacted by disasters.  

Disaster Support describes the roles, or possible roles, of place-based social service NGOs in the disaster management cycle. May include: 

  • supporting communities to prepare 
  • meeting material, emotional and cultural needs after a disaster 
  • providing disaster recovery support and community recovery activities 
  • disaster mitigation advice to government agencies 

Gaining a clear understanding of these roles is an important aspect of disaster risk reduction. These roles are outlined in more detail in the Roles of NGOs in Disaster Management diagram (PDF). 


Quick Reference 

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The NCOSS Disaster Support webpages are part of the Community Sector Disaster Capability Project. The Project, a partnership between NCOSS, AbSec and the Local Community Services Association (LCSA), was jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Governments under the National Partnership Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction, through a Disaster Risk Reduction Fund grant. The CSDC Project was completed in June 2024.