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NCOSS support for a First Nations Voice to Parliament

NCOSS is excited to announce our support for a YES vote in the referendum for a First Nations Voice to Parliament.  In discussion with the NCOSS First Nations Partners and Advisors Group we recommend that non-Indigenous organisations support a YES vote while recognising the complexities of the issues for First Nations people and communities. You can read the statement of support here.

We also recognise that the lead up to the Referendum will be stressful for many First Nations people, with a variety of commentary being played out in the media and within organisations. Our approach begins with a free sector webinar for organisations seeking to understand the impacts of the referendum on First Nations staff and communities. The webinar will outline strategies and practices to address racism and strengthen cultural humility and safety in non-Indigenous organisations.

The Webinar will be delivered by Rowena Lawrie, founding director, Yamurrah, along with Belinda Field, CEO, Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Services (and co-chair of the NCOSS First Nations Partners and Advisors Group). For more information and to register click here.

Down the track we will be offering further opportunities for our members to hear from First Nations experts and partners in regards to both the process of the establishment of the Voice and implications for First Nations people.