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Our Commitment

NCOSS wants to give you the best quality service possible. If you have found our service helpful or have any ideas on how something can be done better, please let us know. We also want to know if you are not happy or have concerns about any part of our service.

Can I comment on anything?

Yes! You do have the right to express your comments about any part of any service at NCOSS. A comment may be:

  • A compliment
  • A suggestion
  • An idea
  • A fear
  • A concern
  • A complaint.

If you have a complaint read this information about what you can do. Making a complaint can be difficult, so if you do have a complaint about NCOSS this is a guide to help you.

What do I do first?

First, it is best to talk to the person concerned.

If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can speak or write to the direct line manager.

  • If the complaint is about a policy or advocacy staff member, please contact our Director of Policy and Research
  • If the complaint is about an engagement or communication staff member, please contact our Deputy CEO
  • If the complaint is about an administrative staff member, please contact our Operations Manager
  • If the complaint is about a member of our management team, the Deputy CEO or the NCOSS President of the Board, please contact the CEO
  • If the complaint is about the CEO or a member of the NCOSS Board, please contact the NCOSS President of the Board via

Please contact any of NCOSS staff members, management, Deputy CEO or CEO via 02 9211 2599.

What happens after that?

Your complaint will be recorded in a separate file so that the problem can be dealt with sensitively and quickly. You will receive a letter within 14 days of making your complaint. This letter should:

  • Restate your comments to ensure NCOSS understands your complaint
  • Give the name of the person who is managing your complaint and how they may be contacted
  • State the time and the steps the worker will take to deal with your concerns.

What happens after I get my letter?

Once you have received your letter the NCOSS worker handling your complaint will contact you to talk about what you want to do and the next steps. If we have not been able to resolve the complaint within the 14 days we will ask you to formalise the complaint in a letter ( if you have not already done so).

NCOSS aims to investigate and resolve all complaints within a further 28 days of receipt of the written complaint. If this not possible we will write to you and explain why.

All complaints will dealt with:

  • Seriously
  • Quickly
  • Confidentially; and
  • Without stopping your right to use NCOSS services.

Can I have someone to help me?

Yes! It is OK to have a friend or person you trust to help you in any of your dealings with NCOSS. This person can help you put your comments in writing, be with you when you put forward your comments or attend any meetings.

What if I need an interpreter?

NCOSS will assist you if you need an interpreter. There will be no cost to you for this service.