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On 6 December, the Legislative Council tabled the report of its inquiry into the implementation of the NDIS in NSW. While acknowledging improvements are needed to the NDIS, the report had a major focus on the important role of the NSW Government in creating an inclusive society for people with disability.

In both written and oral evidence to the inquiry, NCOSS highlighted our earlier report into the challenges created for people with disability in accessing mainstream services with the transition to the NDIS (and the closure of the Department of Aging, Disability and Homecare). The Committee drew on our evidence, outlining the loss of ADHC funding had increased pressure on community transport and mental health services.

We commend the Committee for recognising that people are “falling through the cracks”, and recommending that the NSW Government invest in services and supports for people with disability, regardless of their eligibility for the NDIS (recommendation 14). As highlighted, such support is central to the Government’s obligations under the Disability Inclusion Act 2014.

The Committee highlighted the importance of independent advocacy and information, recommending that ongoing funding be provided for organisations providing these services beyond 2020 (recommendation 15). This is consistent with advocacy by NCOSS and the Standbyme Campaign run by our members.

Other report recommendations consistent with advocacy by NCOSS and our members include:

  • NSW Government reinstate its role as the safety net for people with disability, particularly with complex and challenging needs;
  • NSW Government establish an Office of the Public Advocate, providing additional support and safeguards for vulnerable adults.

You can read the full report by clicking on this link