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Key members of the community and social services sector came together this week to provide advice and feedback that will inform the development of the Greater Sydney Commission’s planning moving forward. The Commission was set up to develop and implement plans for the Greater Sydney region with a view to making it more productive, sustainable and liveable.

The Commission has four Greater Sydney Commissioners - Chief Commissioner, Economic Commissioner and Deputy Chief Commissioner, Environment Commissioner and Social Commissioner. 

NCOSS has been working closely with the Social Commissioner, Heather Nesbitt, to facilitate advice from the community sector to help them understand the way the built environment impacts on people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. 

Representatives in the room came from: Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association; Western Sydney Community Forum; Shelter NSW; Ethnic Communities Council; Settlement Services International; People with Disability Australia; Churches Community Housing; Sydney Alliance; Sydney Arts Management Advisory Group; Bike NSW; Heart Foundation; Carriageworks; NSW Aboriginal Land Council; Committee for Sydney; Youth Action; and Better Planning Network.

We know that the community sector, along with the variety of stakeholders involved, bring a depth of knowledge and experience to the table that will be invaluable to the future success of the Commission’s work.

NCOSS is excited by the broad range of experience the Commissions is seeking and looks forward to seeing this reflected in its future plans.