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Early April saw more information about housing and the NDIS released with the publication of the Specialist Disability Accommodation Position Paper on Draft Pricing and Payments. Specialist Disability Accommodation is defined by the NDIA as housing that is specially designed to meet the needs of people with a significant functional impairment and/or complex needs. It includes housing that is in the system now as well as innovative  designs that will come into the market as it develops.

NCOSS is very pleased to see that one of the objectives of framework is that the provision of housing infrastructure is separate from the supply of supports and services as far as possible. This means people will have more say about what works for them, rather than buying a bundle in which accommodation and supports are relatively fixed offerings that are less responsive to the way a person wants to live.

We are also pleased that the Framework places an emphasis on smaller dwellings—with a five resident limit placed on the pricing model.

At a theoretical level, the Framework has moved in the right direction. However, we will need to remain vigilant to ensure that the operationalisation of the Framework really does deliver choice and control for people who are eligible and that choice and control is available with regard to where and how people live and the types of supports they need to access the life they envision for themselves.

NCOSS is working with its Sector partners in the Disability Network Forum (DNF) to respond to the Framework.

The NDIA will release details on eligibility, levels of support and processing for accessing support in May 2016.