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In partnership with NSW TAFE (Amrit Versha and Paula Abood) and the Australian Lawyers Alliance (Louis Schetzer), NCOSS held three online learning sessions on "human rights approaches in community services" in July and August 2021.

The focus areas were: service provision, leadership and advocacy leadership.

The following presentations from Louis Schetzer are now publicly available:

In session 1 (July 21), Louis presented examples of how community service providers in three Australian jurisdictions used human rights approaches in their work. The service providers demonstrated how advocating for the human rights of vulnerable service users has enhanced service provision, as well as benefitted both the organisations and the service users.

In session 3 (August 4), Louis spoke about the importance of Human Rights education as well as the case for having a Human Rights Charter in New South Wales. (This was followed by a robust and unrecorded discussion facilitated by Amrit and Paula from NSW TAFE, and Anna from NCOSS).

Other resources & learning opportunities

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More learning opportunities on Human Rights approaches will be offered in the near future! Bookmark the NCOSS training and events page to find out more.