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Welcome to the NCOSS Policy Tracker for the 2023 NSW State Election.

The NCOSS Policy Tracker will capture announcements from NSW Labor (Australian Labor Party NSW branch), NSW Coalition (Liberal-National) and The Greens NSW that align with the NCOSS Policy Platform.

The NCOSS Policy Platform 2023 sets out recommendations for the next NSW Parliament to address some of the most pressing issues in our communities. You can read about our platform Working Together for a Fairer NSW, and access advocacy resources, here.

Where relevant, we will include significant policy announcements from independent candidates and other parties.

We have worked hard to collate the current policies. However, if you spot one that we have missed or which has been updated, please email us at, and we'll add it to the tracker.

Click on the links below to view the policy announcements for each recommendation.

        Immediate cost of living relief

  1. Respond to rising energy prices.
  2. Improve access to affordable dental care.
  3. Make renting more secure and affordable.
  4. Invest in social infrastructure so that essential support reaches those in need.

    Targeted support for the most vulnerable
  5. Enhance safety, security and wellbeing for women impacted by domestic and family violence by investing in social housing.
  6. Bolster children’s safety, social development and educational outcomes.
  7. Limit the harm caused by pokies on vulnerable communities.

    Social sector sustainability
  8. Strengthen sustainability of the NSW social service sector as a growth industry and key employer of women.


Published February 2023. Queries about (and inputs to) this page to:

Disclaimer: NCOSS does not endorse all policy positions captured in the Policy Tracker.