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NCOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21: Rebuilding NSW Together (Updated - Published September 2020)

NCOSS has updated its Pre Budget Submission (PBS) which was originally released at the end of last year in a pre-COVID world. Given what 2020 has delivered us - including a delayed State Budget - it has been an opportune time to identify five key actions that the NSW Government can immediately take to support vulnerable people and preserve jobs.

We argue that we are already seeing the economic downturn impact less affluent areas and particular cohorts more significantly; that a strong social services system can mitigate rising inequality and contribute to both social and economic well-being; and that the partnership approach in evidence between Government and the sector needs to continue and is key to a strong recovery.

You can read  / download our updated PBS ‘Rebuilding NSW Together’ - Published September 2020.

NCOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21 (Published April 2020)

The 2020-21 NSW Budget has been deferred from June 2020 to later in the year. In the interim, NCOSS has developed a Pre-Budget Submission that asks the NSW Government to prioritise 2020-21 investment in measures that will:

  • Address the cost of living for households under pressure
  • Create economic opportunities for those who are missing out
  • Support a viable, stable and diverse community services sector

You can read  / download our PBS 2020-21 Published April 2020 below.