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NCOSS has released new research exploring the relationship between economic disadvantage and patient experience of health services across New South Wales.

Undertaken with the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM), Mapping Patient Experience and Economic Disadvantage in NSW focuses on the costs, delays and expectations experienced by patients of General Practitioner, private and public dental, and medical specialist services in NSW.

This research demonstrates that not everyone accesses or experiences health services equally, and that there is significant variation in patient experience by region. This regional variation is evident in the online interactive maps accompanying the report that show demographic breakdown of patient experience measures by Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2).

NCOSS has also released Consumer Stories of Patient Experience and Economic Disadvantage in NSW, an important companion report that puts a human face to the demographic and geographic data contained in the Mapping Patient Experience and Economic Disadvantage in NSW report and online maps. Undertaken by Health Consumers NSW on behalf of NCOSS, this companion report draws on recent survey findings, real life experiences and consumer stories to highlight the multiple, diverse and complex challenges facing many people in the community. It illustrates that the costs of healthcare are often unaffordable and can compound other cost of living expenses, placing households in financial precarity and stress.

Read the report 'Mapping Patient Experience and Economic Disadvantage in New South Wales' here.

Read the companion report 'Consumer Stories of Patient Experience and Economic Disadvantage in NSW' here.

View the interactive maps here.

Access the NATSEM report's technical appendix here.

Download the patient experience data here.

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