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The “Mapping Economic Disadvantage in NSW” project was undertaken with the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM). This research breaks down poverty rates and gives us a sophisticated picture of people living with disadvantage in NSW, including geographical concentrations of poverty and disadvantage.

Not having sufficient resources to cover the basics and achieve a reasonable standard of living can have profound and long-lasting impacts. Poverty and disadvantage impact on social and emotional wellbeing, physical health, life expectancy and the ability to create a stable home environment. It can prevent communities from thriving. This report, and its accompanying maps at, examine where disadvantage occurs in NSW and those affected by it.

Governments continue to place a strong emphasis on the importance of evidence-informed, data-driven policies and programs that result in measurable outcomes. This research is intended to feed into this evidence base by helping us see and understand how poverty affects our communities.

Read the complete report here.

View the interactive maps here.

Please view the Poverty in NSW report technical appendix here.

Download the data here.