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NCOSS has provided a submission to the Independent Review of Commonwealth Disaster Funding which will consider the most effective ways for the Australian Government to support communities through the funding it provides to state and territory governments, local governments, businesses and community organisations in support of natural disaster management.

The submission put forward a number of recommendations for the Commonwealth Government in relation to funding for NGOs active in disasters, including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced core funding for organisations such as Neighbourhood Centres to invest in the ‘soft’ infrastructure of social connectedness which underpins increased disaster resilience.
  • Building disaster risk and preparedness functions into core contracts of social service organisations and extending contract to five years.
  • Resourcing appropriate place-based community organisations at a local or regional level to lead community sector disaster planning, coordination and collaboration and be the conduit to Government and emergency service organisations.
  • A significant shift in disaster funding arrangements towards managing multiple and compounding disaster impacts and risks and building disaster risk reduction capability throughout the community over time.
  • Improved data collection and evaluation is needed to inform evidence-based strategies and guide investment in the future. There is need for increased transparency and accountability in relation to funding and efficacy.

Read the full submission:

NCOSS Submission - Independent Review of Commonwealth Disaster Funding

NCOSS also contributed to and endorsed the ACOSS submission to the review.