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As NSW recovered from the 2019-20 Summer Bushfires and the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Australia in February 2020, there was no indication of the upheaval and sacrifices that lay ahead.

This report series, Aftershock: Addressing the Economic and Social Costs of the Pandemic and Natural Disasters, explores the impacts of the pandemic and natural disasters across four key domains of wellbeing – mental health, domestic violence, housing security and child welfare and development – drawing together research and latest data to highlight the devastating impacts of the past two and half years. The aim is to document the huge personal and economic impacts which, if left unaddressed, will leave a long-term mark on the economy of NSW and its people.

Read the reports below.

Report One - Mental Health

Report Two - Domestic and Family Violence

Report Three - Housing Security

Report Four - Child Wellbeing and Development