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Advocacy plays a vital role in influencing and changing policy and systems to better support people and improve social issues.

NCOSS works to be a conduit for the community services sector and advocate on the sector’s behalf to policy-makers, but we also seek to support and empower the sector to engage in its own advocacy.

The community services sector is diverse, strong and carries a wealth of expertise. The sector’s experiences in working on the ground with communities can contribute enormous value to advocacy.

Below is a collection of information about ongoing advocacy, as well as resources and tools organisations can use to build knowledge and capacity around conducting their own advocacy.









Check our Training & Events for upcoming NCOSS & NSW Legislative Council Parliamentary Inquiries Workshop.

This  free workshop focuses on practical tips for effective advocacy and participation, including:

  • What Parliamentary Inquiries can achieve
  • How Inquiries are initiated
  • The steps of an Inquiry
  • Maximizing the impact of a submission
  • Giving effective evidence at a hearing