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Sector Sustainability

The Challenge

  • Frontline community services are not adequately funded or resourced to meet community need that is increasingly complex and widespread.
  • Long-standing issues stemming from inadequate funding growth, over-reliance on short-term contracts, and uncertain and inconsistent approaches to indexation, are becoming more acute.
  • The sector workforce has long experienced poor pay and conditions, which has contributed to workforce shortages, health and safety issues, and service viability concerns.

 What’s In the 2024-2025 Budget?

  • $126.6M for a boost to Legal Aid and one year funding for the Walama List.
  • $806.5M to establish a portable long service leave scheme for the community services sector (fully offset by revenue).
  • Over $200M to enhance digital connectivity for rural, regional and remote communities.
  • $48.1M to expand specialist workers who support children and young people accompanying their mothers to refuges.
  • $29.6M for the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service.
  • $3.6M for Domestic Violence NSW.

NCOSS Position

  • NCOSS celebrates the establishment of the community service Portable Long Service Leave scheme and calls on the NSW Government to cover the additional cost of the Levy.
  • NCOSS welcomes the small, targeted investments in Legal Aid and the expansion of the specialist workforce who support children and young people in refuges.
  • NCOSS calls on the NSW Government to address the significant unmet needs of the people of NSW. This includes increased investment in domestic and family violence services; tenancy advice services; homelessness supports; financial counselling; mental health services; community legal services; and neighbourhood centres and other similar place-based services
  • NCOSS awaits formal confirmation of the Government’s approach to indexation for FY25.

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