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Domestic and Family Violence 

The Challenge

  • Domestic violence-related assaults continue to rise, increasing by over 5% in the past two years.
  • Two in five women in Australia have experienced violence in their lifetime, and one in four have experienced violence by an intimate partner or family member.
  • Domestic and family violence continues to be a leading driver of homelessness. In NSW, impacted women and children make up almost half of all specialist homelessness service clients experiencing persistent homelessness.

What’s In the 2024-20245 Budget?

  • $5.1B for social housing, including at least half of new homes prioritised for victim-survivors.
  • $245.6M for domestic and family violence support services, including:
    • $48M to expand the Staying Home Leaving Violence Program to all 128 NSW council areas.
    • $48.1M to expand specialist workers for children and young people in refuges.
    • $45M to improve bail laws and justice system responses.
    • $38.3M for NSW’s first Primary Prevention Strategy.
    • $8.1M for the ‘All in’ early childhood pilot program to teach children about healthy relationships.
    • $29.6M for the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (including $5.6 million new funding to meet increased demand).
    • $3.6M for Domestic Violence NSW.
    • $10M for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs.

NCOSS Position

  • NCOSS celebrates the investments in social housing for victim-survivors and welcomes the expansion of the Staying Home Leaving Violence Program and more specialist workers for children and young people.
  • The focus on primary prevention and funding for Domestic Violence NSW and the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service to continue their important work is a positive step.
  • Significantly more funding – at least $100 million over 4 years – is required for primary prevention to address gendered violence at its root, as well as specific funding to address sexual violence.
  • NCOSS continues to call for additional baseline funding for the specialist domestic and family violence sector to address ongoing unmet need.

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