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NSW’s peak social services body, the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) has congratulated the Berejiklian Government on being re-elected at the weekend.

NCOSS said the people of NSW have given the re-elected Government an opportunity to work with the sector and disadvantaged communities to build a fairer, more cohesive state.

The peak body also said it was vitally important the new Parliament is united in building strong, safe and inclusive communities.

NCOSS CEO, Joanna Quilty said the Government should ensure addressing social issues throughout the state was a top priority.

“NCOSS congratulates the Berejiklian Government on being returned to power and we look forward to working with the Government on making NSW a fairer, more cohesive place,” Ms Quilty said.

“NSW is a rich state in a rich country, and there is no excuse for people here being left behind – we urge the re-elected Government to strongly commit to driving down inequality.

“We have been calling for a package of reforms to better support communities throughout NSW and we look forward to working across Government to deliver these reforms.”

NCOSS is calling on the re-elected Government to:

  • Address transport disadvantage, including guaranteed funding for community transport providers and an increase of 20 per cent each year for five years.
  • Significantly boost the supply of social and affordable housing dwellings.
  • Increase the availability and affordability of community mental health services, particularly in regional and rural NSW.
  • Increase investment in essential services that provide community safeguards against adversity – disability advocacy organisations, tenants advice services, neighbourhood centres.
  • Advocate at COAG for the Commonwealth Government to immediately raise the rate of income payments, to ensure all Australians have access to a decent standard of living.

“We should all be working together across government, the community and private sectors to build great communities, and this requires financial investment by Government as well as partnerships.”

Ms Quilty also said it was vitally important the new Parliament fosters a culture of respect for all communities throughout NSW.

“NSW is a wonderfully diverse place and NCOSS calls on the new Parliament to celebrate this diversity and work to make it even stronger,” Ms Quilty said.

“Actions and rhetoric that diminish our diverse communities should be repudiated in the strongest possible terms.”

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