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  • 65 per cent of NSW residents said inequality had increased or flatlined in the last four years
  • 23 per cent of Western Sydney residents said social inequality had increased a lot in the last four years
  • Men more likely to say social inequality has increased a lot

Those living west of Parramatta are more likely to notice social inequality sharply rising, compared to their eastern Sydney counterparts.

That’s the verdict from a new poll commissioned by NSW peak social services body, NCOSS, into attitudes to inequality in NSW.

65 per cent of respondents believe inequality has increased or remained unchanged in the last four years, while 23 per cent of Western Sydney residents and 20 per cent of regional NSW residents said inequality had “increased a lot”.

As well as this, 22 per cent of men said inequality had increased a lot in the last four years, compared to 17 per cent of women.

NCOSS CEO, Joanna Quilty, said increasing cost of living and a lack of access to vital services is contributing to growing inequality.  

“The survey shows that inequality is on the rise for many people in NSW,” Ms Quilty said.

“There is a great divide across Sydney, and indeed NSW, between those with access to vital services and those going without.

“Sydney is a wealthy city in a wealthy state, yet so many are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. There’s no excuse for that.

“The survey reinforces an alarming trend in NSW where your postcode determines your access to vital services, including healthcare, transport and education.

“The survey shows that most residents throughout NSW are seeing inequality increase or stagnate, when the priority of government should be reducing inequality.

“All political parties need to do more to help those struggling and increase opportunities for everyone, regardless of where they live and what they earn.

“Social inequality is rising and causing a big divide, and it is unacceptable in such a prosperous city like Sydney.”

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Background – Western Sydney/Eastern Sydney definition for the purposes of the poll:

The population of metropolitan Sydney has been divided into eastern and western suburbs based on federal electorates derived through stated postcodes.

Federal electorates including Hughes, Barton, Watson, Reid and Bennelong are to the east of the boundary, with Mitchell, Parramatta, Blaxland, Fowler, Werriwa and Macarthur to the west.

The poll was of 544 NSW residents.