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The NSW Government launched the NGO Capability Building Tool at the November Forum of Non-Government Agencies (FONGA) meeting. The NGO Capability Building Tool is a free online tool that allows organisations delivering human services to self-assess against 10 capabilities related to customer centred service delivery. It includes links to free resources and training for self-directed learning.

NCOSS strongly encourages the NGO sector to utilise the Capacity Building Tool to access free resources and training.

The NGO Capability Building Tool can be used to promote organisational continuous improvement and innovation. It allows organisations of all sizes, including those that are not subject to formal accreditation processes to assess their capability and demonstrate their standard of performance.

The NGO Capability Building Tool was developed following feedback on the NGO Benchmarking Model. It has been co-designed by NGOs and the NSW Government to help NGOs deliver high quality programs and drive innovation across the human services sector.

The full press release by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation can be found HERE.

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