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NCOSS  joined our members, stakeholders and people with disability in welcoming the Government’s announcement on Friday that funding for independent disability and advocacy information organisations will be continued until 2020. We called for this funding in our Pre-Budget Submission.

While this transitional funding is a welcome step, we call on the Government to commit to ongoing funding for disability advocacy and information organisations in NSW. The vital supports provided by these organisations to people with disability were never intended to be covered by the NDIS. People with disability need a seat at the table post 2020 to ensure their voice is always heard in decisions affecting them, and NSW is as inclusive as possible. Advocacy organisations provide the Government with crucial partners as they fulfil their responsibilities under the Inclusion Act to create an inclusive society for people with disability.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the StandByMe campaign for making this happen and thankyou to parties across the Parliament for their support. We have used our collective voice to create change, and we’ll keep fighting to ensure disability advocacy and information is continued into the future!