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Friday 2 June 2017

The NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) welcomes the announcement of the second phase of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF). 

NCOSS CEO Tracy Howe said the SAHF continues to be an important and innovative model to increase social and affordable housing that will help support vulnerable groups of people across the state. 

"NCOSS welcomes the announcement of round two of the SAHF. It provides assurance that the government has a long-term commitment to this ground breaking tool," said Ms Howe.

“With 60,000 households currently on waiting lists for social housing, increasing housing stock is imperative and this is a good step forward.”

Social and affordable housing generated by the SAHF provides a welcome alternative to the private rental market; it not only provides greater security of tenure, but also comes with wrap-around supports.

“Having a home means people who are on low incomes and are vulnerable have a solid foundation for a good life and from which to access the support they may need.”

The SAHF’s targeted housing options need to meet the needs of particular groups experiencing disadvantage, such as Aboriginal people, older women, young people, women and children experiencing domestic and family violence, people with disability and people in rural, regional and remote areas.

“We believe yesterday's announcement shows that if we work together in collaboration with Government, much can be achieved to provide a better life for our state's vulnerable people,” concluded Ms Howe.

The SAHF was established in legislation through the Social and Affordable Housing Bill 2016, with its first round of successful projects announced in March 2017.