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NCOSS made a letter of submission to the recently released draft regulations governing point to point transport this week. Last year the Government made changes that effectively legalised ride-sharing services and introduced a range of related measures designed to increase competition in point to point services like taxis, hire cares and ride-sharing. The recently released draft regulations are intended to provide detail as to how these changes will work, including how ride-sharing services will be authorised and monitored, how driver standards will be maintained and monitored, and who will be responsible.

In our submission we raise a number of concerns about the potential impact of these proposed regulations on Community Transport services, as well as concerns about the lowering of standards of driver training and the reduction of regulation protections around fares. Point to point transport will play an increasingly important part in the access vulnerable people have to employment, services and community and NCOSS believes it is imperative that we get regulations right to ensure a choice of safe, appropriate and affordable point to point transport services.