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Now that the NDIS is rolling out across more areas of NSW, we thought it would be good to provide some general information about how it works and whether it has impact on other NSW services. Transport for NSW has confirmed that the NDIS will have no impact on the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) or the Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Driver Incentive Scheme (WATDIS). Although both of these schemes will not be impacted by the NDIS, increases kicked in on 1 July 2016 with the TTSS caps increasing from $30 to $60 per trip and the WATDIS payment rising to $15 per trip. More information can be found in the Transport for NSW Factsheet.

According to the NDIA, a person will generally be able to gain NDIS funding for transport if they can’t use public transport without substantial difficulty because of their disability. The funding will take account of any transport subsidies (such as the TTSS in NSW).

There are three levels of transport support:

Level 1- up to $1539 for NDIS participants who are not working, studying or attending day programs but are seeking to enhance their community access

Level 2 – up to $2377 for participants who are currently working or studying part time, taking part in day programs and for other social activities.

Level 3 – up to $3326 per year for participants who are currently working, looking for work, or studying, at least 15 hours a week, and are unable to use public transport because of their disability.

There are exceptional circumstances provisions that will unlock further funding of up to $6000 per year if a person has supports in their plan that assists their participation in employment.

The NDIS general information states that transport funding is for the person with disability’s transport only and is not able to be used to pay a carer or a person in the family to drive them around. However, it is a good idea to explore what kind of support is available with planners as there may be some areas of a person’s plan that provides related support such as an attendant for general assistance.

You can download a range of fact sheets about the NDIS and transport, including an easy English version by clicking on this link.