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Friday 3 June, 2016 

Today’s announcement by the NSW Government that survivors of domestic and family violence will be eligible for fee-free vocational training will help many victims get back on their feet, according to the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS).  

CEO Tracy Howe said that having access to education and training was an important way for survivors to regain their independence and get their lives back on track.  

“Sadly, it is often the case that those who experience domestic and family violence are financially dependent upon their attacker”, said Ms Howe. 

“Having the courage to walk away from a violent relationship is tough enough – but many survivors face a whole raft of new challenges.

“One of these is unemployment, and with it, a lack of secure income.  

“This is a particular problem for survivors who already experience financial disadvantage.

“Fee-free scholarships will make it that much easier for survivors to access the education and training they might need to get a job and start a new life.”

Ms Howe also said that the Government’s decision to allow survivors to gain a scholarship with a letter of recommendation from crisis accommodation services, peak bodies or other support services would make the program simpler to access.

“It’s fantastic that the Government has recognised the vital role that community and social service organisations play in supporting victims of domestic and family violence.

“Often, it is a social support worker who is in the best position to support a survivor to take a new step towards regaining their independence.  

“Survivors of domestic and family violence have been through enough – and they shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the support they need.

“Making the application process simpler will mean that more survivors are able to access this important new scheme.”