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NSW Health has advised 2014/15 NGO funding agreements are close to being finalised. Confirmation of the NGO purchasing plan process for NSW Partnerships for Health is not anticipated until the end of 2014.

NSW Health is in discussion with the NGO peaks regarding the provision of ‘tender readiness support’ to NGOs.

The NGO Advisory Committee Meeting recently met and the following was discussed:

  • Health is currently investigating the sharing of complex patient information using an integrated web-based/digital process. Health has agreed to NGO involvement in the investigative and development phases. Security, privacy and consent were identified as issues to be addressed.
  • Contracts are currently being finalised, most have either been negotiated or signed off. Future work is needed to standardise more KPIs
  • Contestable purchasing plans are to be based on program streams and sub-streams. Health confirmed there will be timely communication concerning the role of NGOs and funding models to be used. The process underway to develop and progress the plans will not be rushed and any significant changes will be announced well in advance.