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NSW Partnerships for Health is the new funding framework replacing the NSW Ministerial Health NGO Grants Program from 2015. Under the new strategic purchasing framework, NSW Health will shift from providing grants to buying services from NGOs and other third party providers.

The NSW Ministry of Health is undertaking a phased approach to the implementation of the funding reforms. The first phase involves transitioning current NGO grants to new service agreements in 2014/15. The second phase is the introduction of a new strategic purchasing framework from 2015/16.

The new funding approach outlined in NSW Partnerships for Health was developed following a review of NGO grants and administration by the Grants Management Improvement Taskforce (GMIT) in late 2012.

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Note: NSW Partnerships for Health (March 2013) originally proposed the new funding framework would be in place by mid-2014. However in September 2013, NSW Health extended the implementation timeframe to 2015/16. NCOSS supports the revised approach to allow more considered implementation of the reforms.