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The purpose of this framework is to guide and support NCOSS to systematically, transparently and ethically develop partnerships with Lived Experience Advocates, groups and communities to advocate for systemic change, and to actively build capacities of people with Lived Experience to lead and advocate in their own right.

This framework can also be used as a resource for NCOSS members, the broader community services sector and for advocates and policy makers working in partnership with all members of civil society.

This document explains how the framework is informed by a Human Rights Approach. It outlines the eight core principles NCOSS commits to when engaging Lived Experience Advocates and advocacy groups and includes eight practice guides that will support NCOSS to partner with Lived Experience Advocates respectfully, ethically and safely.

NCOSS will endeavour to evaluate this framework on an annual basis. Lived Experience Advocates and members of the community services sector are welcome to provide feedback for the inclusion of updated versions of future frameworks.

Download the NCOSS Lived Experience Framework