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Funded by Community Sector Banking 2019 Social Investment Grants Program and in partnership with Survey Matters, we have produced a series of short educational videos to help NGOs understand best practice when conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

These resources are designed to guide NGOs and agencies delivering community services on how to optimise their survey questionnaires and responses. You will also have access to Satisfaction Survey templates to assist you when designing your next survey.

There are six videos in total, each taking you through a different aspect of the research process.   While we recommend you watch all the videos before you commence your customer satisfaction journey, you may also like to use them to answer questions you may have about specific aspects of the survey process.


  1. Video One: The Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  2. Video Two: Designing the Research
  3. Video Three: Questionnaire and Survey Design
  4. Video Four: Fieldwork and Response Management
  5. Video Five: Data Analysis and Reporting
  6. Video Six: Ethical Considerations in Research


As part of the NCOSS Customer Satisfaction Survey Toolkit, we have created a few sample questionnaires to help community services gather feedback from their stakeholders.

The sample questionnaires represent those commonly used by community services, both big and small:
  1. Group or Community Event Satisfaction Survey
  2. Training or Capacity Building Session Satisfaction Survey
  3. Annual Client Satisfaction Survey
  4. Annual Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

While the questionnaires are not exhaustive, they do provide examples of questions that can be used to measure stakeholder satisfaction in a variety of activities and services.

Here are a few pointers when using the NCOSS questionnaires:

  • Use them as a guide, to start with.
  • Revise the questions, as needed, to suit two things: your survey objectives and your survey respondents*.
  • Delete questions that are not necessary for meeting your survey objectives*.
  • Add your own questions, as needed.

     *Please view  videos and questionnaire templates for explainers.


NCOSS piloted two online learning sessions with a few key CALD (Culturally And Linguistically Diverse) service organisations in December 2020.

Click below to view resources from the learning sessions.

Designing Client Satisfaction Research: Pilot online sessions for CALD community workers, 9 Dec 2020 (PDF)

Designing Client Satisfaction Research: Pilot online sessions for CALD community workers, 15 Dec 2020 (PDF)