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Specialising in consultancy services for social purpose organisations and groups.  Delivering community and organisational capacity building in the areas of leadership, governance, strategy, theory of change, outcomes measurement, review, and evaluation.

Debbie Jamieson is the Director and Principal Consultant.  Debbie has over 30 years’ experience in the for-purpose sectors in Australia, Canada, and the UK, including 16 years in leadership and governance roles in not-for-profit organisations and 18 years’ running her own consulting practice.  With a wealth of hands-on sector experience, Debbie has the ability to deeply understand your business and the problem space and design best-practice solutions that are practical and fit-for-purpose.

Debbie has decades of experience working with:

  • Organisations of all sizes from grass-roots associations and start-up social enterprises to global charities.
  • Organisations and communities of diverse cultures, faith traditions and lived experience.
  • Metropolitan, rural, and remote communities.

Debbie is an empathic communicator and relationship-builder, bringing a strong commitment to social justice to her work and a passion for social innovation, collaboration, and strengths-based approaches.

Geographical spread or limits: Sydney based.  Works Australia-wide with the ability to travel and/or work remotely.


  • Strategic Design & Planning – stakeholder consultation, environmental scanning and analysis, workshop facilitation, strategy development.
  • Theory of Change – Working with stakeholders to develop and articulate how their work translates into positive social impact.
  • Outcomes Measurement – designing and implementing outcomes measurement frameworks.
  • Facilitation –skilled independent facilitation of consultations, workshops, negotiations, planning, etc.  Enabling groups to lean into challenging spaces and collaboratively solve complex problems.
  • Leadership & Governance Training – Delivering interactive and engaging learning experiences for community and organisational leaders.  E.g. strengths-based leadership, building effective teams, best practice governance.
  • Review & Evaluation – independent review and evaluation of systems, structures, programs, projects, and teams.


Values and principles:

These values guide all projects and professional interactions at D Jamieson Consulting:

  • Strengths-based:  Valuing and building on existing skills and experience.  Developing capabilities rather than perpetuating dependence.
  • Inventive:  Introducing fresh approaches. Challenging thinking.  Stretching the possibilities.
  • Collaborative:  Engaging stakeholders to understand the bigger picture.  Working with and alongside stakeholders to design and implement effective, durable solutions.
  • Dedicated:  Fully committed to each and every project no matter how big or small.  Delivering quality outcomes every time.
  • Relational:  Centring integrity.  Being a trusted advisor.  Walking the journey with you.

Contact Details

Contact nameDebbie Jamieson (Director/Principal Consultant)
Phone number 0433 985 143
Email address

PO Box 965, Kingsford, Sydney  NSW 2032