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AQP are a not-for-profit consultancy supporting health and community services organisations thrive so they can provide high-quality services to their clients while creating safe and rewarding workplaces for their staff.

We engage only the most highly experienced and skilled staff with a proven track record in service delivery, management and quality assessments and accreditation.

AQP is an approved provider of external accreditation assessments for the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) administered by the South Australian Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI).

Geographical spread or limits: NSW, Victoria, Queensland and SA


  • All aspects of NGO growth, development and sustainability
  • Development of policies, procedures, guidelines and practice tools
  • Helping organisation to meet the requirement of all recognised Australian human services standards
  • NDIS transition and sustainability
  • Independent investigations into workplace allegations, reportable conduct and reportable incidents

Values and principles statement:

TSC provide a high quality and consistent service based on high ethical standards and proven methodologies. In all our work we promise to deliver our core values of:

  1. Integrity—we act honestly, respectfully, openly, fairly and lawfully.
  2. Competence—we maintain the highest level of skills, competencies, and content and industry knowledge to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and maintain our reputation.
  3. Impartiality— we conduct our work objectively and make assessments and decisions based on sound reasoning, research and practice evidence.
  4. Efficiency—we undertake our work in a prompt and organised manner avoiding waste, delays and repetition.
  5. Professionalism—we act in a cordial and helpful manner with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders; we listen to all points of view; we observe professional boundaries.
  6. Friendliness—we pride ourselves on being friendly, accessible and easy to work with.

Contact Details

Contact nameTamara Stojanovic
Mobile number 0412 839 857

16 Scouller St Marrickville