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Briefing paper: Regional Consultations

We've prepared a briefing paper to set the stage for our upcoming regional visits and kickstart the conversation with our members about their priorities for the 2019 NSW state election.

Download the regional consultation briefing paper



NCOSS precis of Partnerships for Health, NSW Health's response to the Grants Management Improvement Program Taskforce Report

This NCOSS brief summarises NSW Health's response to the Grants Management Improvement Taskforce report. NSW Health initiated a review of NGO funding and administration in mid-2012. The Taskforce made 43 recommendations for a new approach to partnering with NGOs.

Shared Services in the NGO Sector

The NCOSS Sector Development Seminar on Shared Services provided an opportunity to find out about the latest research and learn from the 'practice' of other NGOs and other sectors. Speakers included academic researchers, as well as NGO professionals with first-hand experience of 'sharing services'.

Poverty in New South Wales: Any one of us is just one step away

This report to highlights that all of us – along with our family, friends, neighbours and communities – are just one step away from poverty or disadvantage, and reinforce that everyone in societybenefits when we reduce inequality

Doors to ownership: a business case and guidelines for a shared homeownership scheme with NSW community housing associations

This document outlines a scheme for a shared homeownership arrangement where the two parties concerned would be an individual (the homeowner) and a community housing association (which would be a registered community housing association under NSW law).

State of the Community Service Sector in NSW

NCOSS is currently engaged in a number of projects aimed at ensuring the community sector gets the support it needs to have a sustainable future. The projects will deliver a solid evidence base to strengthen advocacy efforts in this area.

Currently available are:


The Cost of Living: Who's Really Hurting?

This report focuses on those most in need. It draws on data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to assess how living costs have changed over the last ten years, and how these changes impact people experiencing poverty and disadvantage.

Consumer power: The lease of the NSW Electricity Networks from an electricity consumer's perspective

This Report analyses the proposed partial lease from the point of view of NSW electricity consumers. It does not seek to answer the question of whether the NSW Government should go ahead with the lease, but aims to ensure the best outcomes for consumers whatever the future holds.

Have your say...but how? Improving public participation in NSW

This report presents the findings of a research project on public participation by NCOSS. Public participation is about people having a say in decisions that affect them. It means people are not only involved in government decision-making processes but they can potentially influence the outcome of those processes. It is an important feature of our democracy and makes society fairer.

Measuring Up: A Framework for Government Social Performance Reporting in NSW

NCOSS believes that social performance reporting needs to become a central feature ofgovernance in our state.

The Cost of Living: Are Concessions Doing Their Job?

This report presents a way forward for the provision of concessions in NSW. It begins the conversation we believe is needed if concessions are to remain effective in the face of rising living costs and shrinking Government Budgets.

NCOSS Election Platform: Speak, Plan, Act! Achieving fairness for everyone

As we approach the 2015 NSW Election, NCOSS wants to see everyone speak about the issue of poverty and disadvantage in our state, plan for a fairer NSW and act to address poverty, disadvantage and marginalisation. The NCOSS Election 2015 Platform provides an agenda to start that discussion.

NCOSS 2010-11 PBS: A Community Services Stimulus Package

This Pre-Budget Submission seeks to balance the many pressing priorities in the community with the fact that there are limited resources available. The recommendations, therefore, represent where we believe Government can get the best return for their investment in the current environment and to ensure the best possible outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities.

NCOSS 2011 State Election Policy: Vote 1 Fairness in NSW

Vote 1 Fairness in NSW calls for a range of measures that will make a difference for those people and communities that are doing it tough. Real, practical ideas that deliver improved outcomes and build a fairer society. Vote 1 Fairness in NSW is a call for all current and aspiring politicians to agree to support measures that will contribute in a real and meaningful way to a fairer, more just and sustainable society. It is a call for us to make sure that when we vote in the State Election we are voting for fairness not just for ourselves but for us all

NCOSS 2012-13 PBS: Making NSW Number 1 for Fairness

This Pre-Budget Submission follows on from Vote 1 Fairness in NSW, our election platform, and seeks through its recommendations to ensure budgetary measures are adopted to enhance the lives of those in our communities who are the most vulnerable and marginalised.

NCOSS PBS 2013-14: Building Fairness First

NCOSS advocates for targeted measures that address the factors leading to disadvantage and vulnerability. For us, we seek to make society fairer by focusing our attention and resources on those who most need it.

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