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Briefing paper: Regional Consultations

We've prepared a briefing paper to set the stage for our upcoming regional visits and kickstart the conversation with our members about their priorities for the 2019 NSW state election.

Download the regional consultation briefing paper



Submission to the National Disability Strategy (NDS) NSW Implementation Plan

The NSW Disability Network Forum convened a special meeting to develop their response to the implementation plan and took into account additional comments by member organisations.

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Inquiry into the NDIS Bill 2012

The Disability Network Forum recommends that the NDIS Rules be framed within an enabling approach rather than in a restrictive or prohibitive manner to avoid always limiting options for the person with disability rather than promoting opportunities for independence and social, economic and political participation.

Submission to NSW Disability Services Act Review February 2013

The NSW Disability Network Forum considered the questions in the Issues Paper and the Discussion Paper and has provided feedback.

Submission to the Discussion Paper on the NDIS Rules

This submission outlines the NSW Disability Network Forum's response to the NDIS rules discussion paper.

NSW Disability Network Forum Supplementary Submission to the Senate Inquiry into NDIS Bill 2012

This submission draws on the views of a number of reference groups and other formal and informal input from seminars, forums and conferences to provide feedback on key issues important in the development of the NDIS.

NSW DNF Submission to the ADHC Draft Service Charter

The DNF is pleased to provide input to the Draft ADHC Service Charter.

NSW Disability Network Forum Position Statement on Advocacy, Information and Representation

Representation, independent advocacy and independent information give people with disability a voice and the capacity to be actively involved in decisions that affect their lives. But representation, independent advocacy and independent information for people with disability in NSW are at risk.

Submission to the review of Fees for the NSW Trustee and Guardian

The NSW Disability Network Forum does not consider it reasonable to charge fees to clients under

involuntary financial management.

Submission on the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan Discussion Paper and Draft Outline

The NSW Disability Inclusion Plan should be an effective tool to remove barriers, and overcome disadvantage experienced by people with disability.

Eliminating Discrimination and Embracing Diversity: Effective Disability Inclusion Action Planning

This resource has been produced by the NSW Disability Network Forum to encourage better Disability Inclusion Action Plans that improve access and inclusion for people with disability. Accessible version of this resource is available here:

Submission to the Social Housing in NSW Discussion Paper: DNF

The Disability Network Forum provides this submission with the hope that more common ground can be found to realise a Social Housing system in NSW that works to produce fair outcomes for people with disability and a sound basis from which they can exercise choice and control to live according to their goals and vision.

Submission on the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building

The NSW DNF welcomes this discussion paper as recognition by the NDIA that building the capacity of the community to support and promote inclusion is crucial to the success of the NDIS.

Response to the Living Life My Way Discussion Paper

The ADHC Living Life My Way Discussion Paper April 2012 is designed to canvass proposals for people with disability on how to implement person centred approaches, individualised funding arrangements and support pathways from 2014. This represents a transformative change that is intended to put people with disability and families at the centre of decisions about their lives the services that support them. NCOSS has prepared a submission on the major issues in the Living Life My Way Discussion Paper.

Response to the DRAFT NSW NDS Implementation Plan June 2012

This submission builds on the NSW Disability Network Forum submission to the Plan to express concern that

the majority of the Key Actions and Deliverables in each of the six policy areas had no corresponding Outcome Measures.

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012

This submission has been prepared with a view to balancing the transitional nature of the Bill, developing an understanding of how best to meet the needs of people with disability under the scheme and providing certainty and sustainability of approach into the future.

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