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Briefing paper: Regional Consultations

We've prepared a briefing paper to set the stage for our upcoming regional visits and kickstart the conversation with our members about their priorities for the 2019 NSW state election.

Download the regional consultation briefing paper



Australia's domestic response to WHO Commission on SDoH Report "Closing the Gap within a Generation"

The Councils of Social Service believe that addressing the social determinants of health and reducing inequities will not only improve population health and well-being, but it will also make Australia fairer, more inclusive and sustainable

Submission to NSW Health on the NSW Rural Health Plan

People in rural and remote NSW have worse health outcomes across a range of indicators than those living in cities. NCOSS makes a number of recommendations to NSW Health on the NSW Rural Health Plan.

Submission to NSW Health: NSW Rural Health Plan

NCOSS believes the proposed directions and initiatives reflect the priority health equity issues affecting people living in rural and remote communities, and strategies to address them.

Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs on the National Health Amendment

NCOSS does not support the proposed measures, as they are regressive and place the biggest financial burden on low-to-middle income people who already experience the greatest burden of illness and disease. Cost barriers to medicines will lead to more preventable and expensive health problems and increased costs to the health system longterm.

Submission on the development of new flexible funds for Medicare Locals

NCOSS believes that the primary objective of the Fund should be: “...to make it easier for all Australians to access health services through funding to improve the availability, appropriateness, coordination and integration of services”, rather than the proposed objective, '...to help make it easier for all Australians to navigate their local health system'.

Submission to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority's discussion paper on a draft pricing framework

NCOSS broadly supports the proposed pricing framework, but has concerns about the potential unintended consequences for health equity, access to services, and investment in primary and community health.

Submission to the NSW Health Grants Management Improvement Taskforce Discussion Paper on the Grants Management Improvement Program

In this submission NCOSS argues that NSW Health must take a strategic approach to developing the funding policy, and that it must not undermine the broad community outcomes provided by the community sector.

NCOSS brief on Partnerships for Health

This NCOSS brief summarises NSW Health's response to the Grants Management Improvement Taskforce report.

Update on NSW Partnerships for Health - Health NGO funding reform

The Ministry of Health advised the Health NGO Advisory Committee meeting on 6 June that the next phase of the NGO funding reform is underway. NSW Health is currently planning services and programs to purchase under the new funding framework, NSW Partnerships for Health.There will be a phased implementation of the new system from mid-2013 to 2014.

Submission on the draft National Primary Health Care Strategic Framework

NCOSS believes a robust national Framework and State bilateral plans are essential to improve the coordination and integration of primary health services and improve health outcomes.

Submission on the NSW Bilateral Primary Health Care Plan Consultation Paper

This submission begins by providing over-arching comments on the NSW bilateral plan. It then comments under each of the four strategic outcomes on the proposed NSW-specific actions and makes recommendations for additional actions.

Interim report on not-for-profit community sector organisations' engagement with Medicare Locals

The following report presents a summary of two round table discussions convened by NCOSS with not-for-profit community sector organisations (CSOs) about their engagement with NSW Medicare Locals.The roundtables were the first stage in aproject aimed at supporting the sector's engagement with Medicare Locals.

Survey report: Not-for-profit community sector's engagement with NSW Medicare Locals

This NCOSS survey was completed by 323 respondents from a range of sectors and geographic locations. The results show considerable variation in the extent and quality of engagement between community sector organisations and Medicare Locals across the State.

Submission to Medicare Local Review

NCOSS has been monitoring Medicare Locals' development since their inception in 2011.Our interest is in their engagement with the non-government community sector and their role in addressing health inequities in local communities.

NCOSS Brief: Medicare Locals Review

This brief provides an overview of the Medicare Locals review report, NCOSS analysis of the recommendations, and the Government's response.

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