A NSW free from poverty and inequality


Submission to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme Rule Change Consultation 2013

NCOSS strongly supports the Energy Savings Scheme as a mechanism to reduce electricity consumption and electricity costs.

Submission to the Review of Energy Efficiency Programs for Low Income Households

NCOSS contributed to the Review of of energy efficiency programs for low income households with this submission and through attendance at the evidence-gathering forum on 6 February 2014.

Submission to the Review of Energy Savings Scheme

This submission to the NSW Government's Review responds to Question 40 in the Issues Paper: How can the ESS encourage greater participation by vulnerable households?

Submission to the IPART Review of changes in regulated retail gas prices from 1 July 2014

NCOSS is concerned about the impact of the proposed price rises on households experiencing poverty and disadvantage. As such, our submission is aimed at mitigating the impacts of escalating gas prices on households with low incomes.

Submission to the NSW Electricity Distribution Network Price Determinations

NCOSS is concerned about the impact of high electricity prices on low-income customers. The escalating electricity prices of recent years have seen a corresponding increase in the number of people being disconnected from their electricity supply. While we believe these figures point to a need for better support for vulnerable energy customers, they also highlight more systemic failures in the provision of what is an essential service.

Prepayment Meters: NCOSS response to EWON Discussion Paper

This submission addresses concerns about the impact of pricing and metering arrangements on low-income households.

Submission to the NSW Planning System Review Issues Paper: The way ahead for planning in NSW

This submission focuses on the key concerns for the NSW community sector.

Submission to the Metropolitan Strategy Review: Sydney over the next 20 yearshot!

NCOSS notes the 2005 Strategy was the subject of an extensive review in 2010. We believe the key directions of the resulting Metropolitan Plan enjoyed strong support from key interest groups and are not in need of fundamental review. NCOSS is, however, strongly supportive of the current Government's desire to work towards a greater integration of long term plans for land use planning, infrastructure and transport within the overall framework of NSW 2021.

Submission on the North West Rail Corridor Strategy

NCOSS notes that the North West Rail Corridor has been identified as a key city shaper in the draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney. NCOSS recommends that the finalised Strategy contain an explicit target for additional affordable rental housing as part of the announced target of 27,400 new dwellings. This target should be at least 5%.

Response to the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031

NCOSS is concerned that equity issues were neglected in the Draft Strategy, compared to issues such as economic growth and productivity.

Response to the Future Directions for NSW Local Government: Twenty Essential Steps

This submission comments on this paper from the perspective that local government in NSW plays an important role for the not-for-profit community sector, through its work on land use planning and development assessment, its provision of local facilities and other forms of community infrastructure, and its capacity building, co-ordination and direct service role in a range of community services.

Submission on the Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct

NCOSS comments on the rezoning proposal for the Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct.

Submission to the Inquiry into Public Infrastructure

NCOSS considers that social and affordable housing is a vital form of social infrastructure and should be considered as part of the Inquiry.

Submission to the BASIX Target Review

NCOSS supports the proposal to increase the BASIX targets and suggests that they should apply 6 months after any formal Government announcement to allow industry professionals time to adjust their current practices and procedures.

Submission on the Carter St Lidcombe Urban Activation Precinct - April 2014

NCOSS submits that the current proposal for the Carter St Lidcombe Urban Activation Precinct should not proceed until the completion of a comprehensive planning strategy for the wider Sydney Olympic Park area.

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