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Briefing paper: Regional Consultations

We've prepared a briefing paper to set the stage for our upcoming regional visits and kickstart the conversation with our members about their priorities for the 2019 NSW state election.

Download the regional consultation briefing paper



Response to the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031

NCOSS is concerned that equity issues were neglected in the Draft Strategy, compared to issues such as economic growth and productivity.

Response to the Future Directions for NSW Local Government: Twenty Essential Steps

This submission comments on this paper from the perspective that local government in NSW plays an important role for the not-for-profit community sector, through its work on land use planning and development assessment, its provision of local facilities and other forms of community infrastructure, and its capacity building, co-ordination and direct service role in a range of community services.

Submission on the Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct

NCOSS comments on the rezoning proposal for the Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct.

Submission to the Inquiry into Public Infrastructure

NCOSS considers that social and affordable housing is a vital form of social infrastructure and should be considered as part of the Inquiry.

Submission to the BASIX Target Review

NCOSS supports the proposal to increase the BASIX targets and suggests that they should apply 6 months after any formal Government announcement to allow industry professionals time to adjust their current practices and procedures.

Submission on the Carter St Lidcombe Urban Activation Precinct - April 2014

NCOSS submits that the current proposal for the Carter St Lidcombe Urban Activation Precinct should not proceed until the completion of a comprehensive planning strategy for the wider Sydney Olympic Park area.

Submission to the Department of Planning and Environment Herring Road (Macquarie Park) Urban Activation Precinct

This submission recommends the site of the Ivanhoe public housing estate be removed from this Urban Activation Precinct as the public housing properties are in good condition and do not need to be redeveloped. We further recommend that developers of higher density housing in the precinct be required to contribute to an affordable housing plan for the area.

Submission Inquiry into Outsourcing Service Delivery Legislative Assembly Committee on Community Services

NCOSS makes a number of recommendations, including that the NSW Community Sector Charter be recognised as a foundation for discussion, that a new and effective Compact and whole of Government Funding Policy be negotiated by Government and the community sector, and that funding takes into account the full cost of service delivery including investment in the future capacity and sustainability of community sector organisations.

2012-13 NSW State Budget Analysis

The 2012-13 NSW State Budget was released on 12 June 2012. NCOSS has prepared a detailed analysis.

2013-14 NSW State Budget Analysis

The 2013-14 NSW State Budget was released on 18 June 2013. NCOSS has prepared a detailed analysis.

South West Sydney Regional Consultation, November 2013

NCOSS regularly holds community consultations in rural and regional NSW. The 19 November 2013 South West Sydney Regional Consultation was held in partnership with NCOSS Regional Forum member, Sector Connect. This report presents a summary of the issues raised at the consultation.

Submission on improving the governance of residential parks

NCOSS response to the discussion paper Improving the governance of residential parks , released by the Minister on 3 November 2011. NCOSS welcomes the passage last year of legislation to establish a register of residential parks in NSW.

Submission on the Exposure Draft of the Boarding Houses Bill 2012

NCOSS welcomes the Government's commitment to introduce legislation into Parliament in the Spring Session following consideration of community feedback on the Exposure Draft Bill. NCOSS is concerned, however, that the material released for comment excludes consideration of key matters that will determine the effectiveness of the reform agenda.

Submission on planning controls for Wentworth Point

NCOSS believes that any intensification of residential development at Wentworth Point should be conditional upon a substantial contribution of affordable rental housing by the companies that own the sites involved.

Submission to the Legislative Council Select Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing

Feedback from our members, and those of our national counterpart ACOSS, consistently identifies housing availability and affordability as the greatest unmet need for the clients of non-government welfare services.

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