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Disability Network Forum submission to discussion paper on the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Policy Framework.

The DNF argues that the Policy Framework would be strengthened by being outcomes based, and focusing on the needs of local communities, including those based on geographic location, cultural group and disability type.

Disability Network Forum submission to the inquiry into residential care

The DNF offers the following comment against a selection of the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference to promote the need for action so young people with complex needs have greater access to accommodation and support that works for them and recognises their capabilities.

Disability Network Forum submission to the review of the National Disability Employment Framework

Employment is important to the self-worth and social status of all working age members of our community, and for people with disability, it is particularly important to their inclusion, self-worth and social status. Given this importance, it is critical that the Framework reflects the principles of empowerment, inclusion, choice and control on which the National Disability Strategy (NDS) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are based.

Submission to the Establishing a Gas Community Benefits Fund Discussion Paper

NCOSS is broadly supportive of the plan to establish a Gas Community Benefits Fund to support communities in areas which are affected by gas operations activities. We think it is particularly important to involve affected communities in funding decisions and agree that the administration of the fund and any funding decisions must be transparent and accountable.

Submission to the review of the National Disability Advocacy Framework

The Disability Network Forum strongly supports the Principles, Outcomes and Outputs of the current Framework. However members note that, while advocacy is a crucial factor in enabling NDIS participants to achieve choice and control, it is also central to the inclusion of people with disability who are not eligible for the NDIS. Further, to achieve equityand improve the lives of people with disability, it is critical that advocacy be adequately funded.

Submission to the NDIA Towards Solutions for Assistive Technology Discussion Paper

Assistive technology plays an important role inenabling people with disability to live independent lives. NCOSS understands the need to investigate the potential for savings that could make assistive technology cheaper by unit price and therefore more accessible. However, we have some concerns that a focuson making savings in some areas may result in costs being down-streamed to consumers and potentially impacting on the quality of service experienced by people accessing assistive technology.

Submission to the Review of Police Oversight in NSW

NCOSS outlines the need to consider enhanced independant oversight of the police and the barriers to access to justice that particular groups currently experience.

Cost of Living Report: Children and Families

NCOSS examines the experience of cost of living pressures for low to middle income families with dependent children in NSW.

NCOSS analysis of the NSW 2015/2016 Budget

While the NSW Government’s 2015/16 Budget has a focus on fiscal strength and infrastructure spending, it also provides for a welcome expansion of a number of key social services.

1 in 7 campaign consultation report

NCOSS consulted with communities and members across the state about what actions would make a difference for the 1 in 7 children living in poverty in NSW. We have heard about what solutions are working in communities  and what the NSW Government could do to make a difference.

NCOSS precis of Partnerships for Health, NSW Health's response to the Grants Management Improvement Program Taskforce Report

This NCOSS brief summarises NSW Health's response to the Grants Management Improvement Taskforce report. NSW Health initiated a review of NGO funding and administration in mid-2012. The Taskforce made 43 recommendations for a new approach to partnering with NGOs.

Shared Services in the NGO Sector

The NCOSS Sector Development Seminar on Shared Services provided an opportunity to find out about the latest research and learn from the 'practice' of other NGOs and other sectors. Speakers included academic researchers, as well as NGO professionals with first-hand experience of 'sharing services'.

Poverty in New South Wales: Any one of us is just one step away

This report to highlights that all of us – along with our family, friends, neighbours and communities – are just one step away from poverty or disadvantage, and reinforce that everyone in societybenefits when we reduce inequality

Doors to ownership: a business case and guidelines for a shared homeownership scheme with NSW community housing associations

This document outlines a scheme for a shared homeownership arrangement where the two parties concerned would be an individual (the homeowner) and a community housing association (which would be a registered community housing association under NSW law).

State of the Community Service Sector in NSW

NCOSS is currently engaged in a number of projects aimed at ensuring the community sector gets the support it needs to have a sustainable future. The projects will deliver a solid evidence base to strengthen advocacy efforts in this area.

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