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04 July 2017

Unleashing Social Sector Creativity with Design observes that “Innovations that truly make leaps are not easy.

04 July 2017

There’s a great public sector job going: a statutory appointment to lead a relatively new, award-winning independent regulator that enjoys strong support from a fiercely loyal group of key stakeholders. An ability to fill the incumbent’s big shoes and maintain that stakeholder support will be highly regarded. Must be available to start in October....

04 July 2017

The search for the secret sauce for innovation culture. "Have you ever wondered what makes some organisations innovative while others use the best available techniques and advice but just can’t make it stick?

03 July 2017

We know that older people from marginalised communities are more likely to face barriers in social connection. Inclusive and connected communities is a priority area under the NSW Ageing Strategy, and we need to make sure older people from marginalised communities are not left out. 

29 June 2017

Here's the full program for NCOSS' 2017 Regional Conferences, which are coming to 6 key centres across NSW. 

23 June 2017

The Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities paper was released by the Australian Treasury on 15 June.  It includes a number of reforms which are positive including an increased role for the ACNC whereby all DGRs could be required to be...

16 June 2017

Though we sometimes don’t think about it, energy, particularly electricity, is essential to our daily lives. Access to this service underpins our health, wellbeing and general quality of life. But increasingly many households across our State are struggling to afford its high and growing cost.

14 June 2017

We often talk about having the right people on our boards but who should be there?  What skills are essential?  ...

14 June 2017

Innovation in the workplace is highly sort after, particularly at the moment, so What happens when you innovate for the ‘wrong’ reasons?   According to OECD innovation specialist Alex Roberts, nothing really bad, and  “at least engaging with innovation may start people or organisations down a p

14 June 2017

Anti-social media: 4 ways to manage social media and cyber-bullying in the workplace outlines steps that can be taken to minimise legal risk and ensure the workplace is a safe environment for all employees.

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