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11 April 2018

At NCOSS we are incredibly fortunate to work with and be guided by incredible young women through our NCOSS Young Women's Advisory Panel. In the lead up to Youth Week, we met with the panel to hear their priorities and solutions for the NCOSS Election Platform, and how we can better support and integrate the voices of young people, and in particular, young women in all of our work.

11 April 2018

NCOSS  joined our members, stakeholders and people with disability in welcoming the Government’s announcement on Friday that funding for independent disability and advocacy information organisations will be continued until 2020. We called for this funding in our Pre-Budget Submission.

09 April 2018

icare is targeting its new look Speakers Program to the Health and Community Services industry to drive down workplace injuries and help support a culture of workplace safety.

23 March 2018

On Day 8 of CSW62 our delegates reflect on the importance of data collection and access to information in advancing gender equality, the power of storytelling and the blizzard that took over NY.

22 March 2018

On Day 7 of CSW62, the NCOSS delegates reflect on a session held by the National Indigenous Women in Rural America and the devastating incidence of violence experienced by Native American women.

21 March 2018

NCOSS Delegates Un-Ai Jo explores feminism in North and South Korea, and the various movements in both countries to advance gender equality, and Keira Jenkins reflects on the challenges faced by female journalists.

20 March 2018

NCOSS was fortnate to attend the special gathering of the Everywoman Everywhere Coalition (EEC). Hear about this incredible campaign, on Day 5 of CSW62

20 March 2018

The power of storytelling, and the sobering insights into how sporting events are big magnets for sex trafficking. Our delegates reflect on what they have learnt at Day 4 of CSW62.

16 March 2018

Day 3 of the Commision on the Status of Women reinforced the idea that our journey to achieve equality for all women and girls is not without complication and challenges. Here is Un-Ai, Penny and Harpreet's reflections on sex traffiking of women and girls, and the stigmatisation of mental health in our society.

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