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NCOSS Donor Gift Recipient submission

NCOSS Donor Gift Recipient submission

NCOSS recently contributed to the Treasury’s review of the Donor Gift Recipient (DGR) tax arrangement.

Our comments are general in nature and intended to complement the more detailed submission made by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), the peak body for community services in Australia.

NCOSS strongly supports the policy objective of making the administration of DGR tax concessions simpler, fairer and more effective in targeting public funds to maximise the social good and encourage greater levels of giving to the sector. The submission also makes some other key points: 

Download the submission (Word doc)

Download the submission (pdf)

The NFP sector is large and complex and plays an increasingly vital role in our economy and society. The organisations comprising the NFP sector rely on sustainable support by government and donors to provide the range of community services required to meet the needs of people experiencing poverty and social inequality. To a large extent, and increasingly, this support is provided through tax concessions and direct investment by government and donors. For these reasons, NCOSS supports a regulatory framework that promotes good governance, transparency and accountability for this sector.

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