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There are almost 900,000 people in NSW who are experiencing poverty today. More than one in five of those people are children. Sydney has a higher rate of poverty (15%) than any capital city in Australia – largely due to our high cost of housing. We know that Aboriginal people, people from CALD backgrounds, people with disability, people who are unemployed, people with mental health concerns, older people and young people are at greater risk of experiencing poverty and disadvantage. We also know that everyone has different experiences, needs and aspirations, depending on the place they live, their culture and identity and their life experiences. And we know that any one of us is just one step away from this disadvantage.

But we also know that poverty is a choice – not of the people who experience it but of the society that creates it. And today, we say we need to choose a different way.

Following extensive consultation around the state with NCOSS members and stakeholders we have identidfied seven key priorities for this budget, and developed seven recommendations that would make a real difference in the lives of people experiencing poverty.

We know what is recommended and why it’s important for NSW communities. But we need all members of parliament to know too.

You help by visiting your local member to brief them on the recommendations in the Pre-Budget Submission. Whilst NCOSS meets with the Premier and key Ministers in Sydney, join hundreds of NCOSS members across the State who will be meeting with their local member of parliament as well.

If we do this together, then we’ll leave our leaders in no doubt that this needs their attention and their action.


Read the full report.