A NSW free from poverty and inequality


Join a movement for equity and change

In joining NCOSS you join an institution with over 80 years of knowledge, expertise and history working to progress social justice and shape positive change in NSW.

Right now, as a community we are faced with growing disadvantage with more and more people falling through the cracks. There is growing demand on our community sector, which faces serious sustainability issues and challenging reforms contexts. It is now more important than ever to have a strong, united voice.

Your membership strengthens our influence and ability to set the agenda around key debates affecting the community, achieve real impact and sustain a strong, independent and innovative community sector.

NCOSS Membership allows you to:

  • Amplify your voice
  • Shape our policy and advocacy
  • Access NCOSS policy forums and consultations
  • Build your capacity through training, professional development and resources
  • Build your network
  • Collaborate and connect across sectors
  • Access free or discounted attendance at NCOSS events and training 
  • Access expert advice, including on sector reform
  • Receive exclusive discounts
    • NCOSS Community Jobs Board
    • Advertising in eNews
    • NCOSS Community Cover AON Insurance
    • Meeting Room Hire
  • Keep up to date with the latest industry news
  • Promote your work
  • Stand for NCOSS Board and Vote at AGM  (Organisational and Individual members only)

Join us today to be part of making the change you want to see in NSW! 


Organisational Membership

Are you a non-government and not-for-profit organisations based in NSW which delivers human services or are involved in community development, policy or advocacy? Then join as an Organisational Member today!

NCOSS Organisational Members range from small frontline service operating in regional NSW, right through to state-wide providers and peak bodies. We know that in this diversity of voices lies our true strength. Therefore we ensure different pathways for different types of organisations to engage in our work and be supported by NCOSS. We know our Organisational Members play a crucial role in supporting our community. We support you to build your capacity to run innovative, effective services that keep pace with our ever changing environment.




Friend of NCOSS

Are you an organisation working outside the sector but are keen to collaborate, connect and build strong communities, services and a better NSW? Our cross-sectoral partners connect on work from areas of social impact investment through to local community partnerships. If you're a business, trade union, academic institution, library, political organisation, government department, school or hospital - become a Friend of NCOSS!




Individual Membership

Do you work in the community sector or are you someone who shares our vision of a NSW free of poverty and disadvantage? Join as an Individual Member and build our people power to make this vision a reality!



Please note: NCOSS membership is subject to Board approval

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