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Professional Individualised Care

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Respite Carers

We are seeking individuals, couples, or families who are interested to provide respite opportunities for our fulltime PTCs. The aim is not emergency care in a moment of crisis (we seek to allow the PTC and young person to stick with each other through moments of crisis), rather thoughtfully considered periods of care for a young person planned in advance with the PTC. You will be attuned to the primary work and directions of the PTC, working in complement with them and to supplement their longer-term efforts, an important part of the young person’s community of care, and seeking opportunities to offer rich and meaningful life experiences.


What is offered:

  • A pro-rata, per day rate of pay in line with PTC wages, along with Carer Allowance for days spent with the young person
  • Professional development opportunities and peer connection as an employee within the larger group
  • Individualised practice, working flexibly, creatively, and opportunities for real relationship
    Category: Care & Support Work
    Field: Family, Children and Youth
    Employment basis: Casual
    Salary Range: $66,000-$80,000
    Job Location: NSW
    About us

    The PIC Model

    Professional Individualised Care (PIC) is a new youth organisation providing a new model of out-of-home care in NSW that embraces a relational approach to working with at-risk young people. The PIC model comes from Germany where it has been the most successful form of out-of-home care operating for over 25 years.

    PIC matches one young person with one Professional Therapeutic Carer (PTC) and the young person lives in the home with the PTC. PTCs have industry-recognised qualifications and professional work experience. They receive fulltime, competitive payment as care experts. This allows Social Workers, Therapists, Counsellors, Educators, Mental Health Workers, Psychologists and others to apply their professional skillset in a home-based setting. PIC is not clinical work using professional distance, rather it is a relationship-based model where the PTCs apply their skillset in everyday life. For young people, this means they have stable connections and people in their lives who can appropriately respond to complex trauma and attachment needs.

    Position details

    What is needed:

    • You have an industry-recognised tertiary level qualification and/or work experience or life experience suited to respite care work
    • Adaptability to welcome in a range of different young people of different ages, gender, background, and support needs
    • Flexibility to provide opportunities at different times during the week or weekend, for one or a few days or for larger blocks of time, to help in making proactive future plans, as well as the option to sometimes respond at short notice where needed
    • This will suit an individual, couple, or family not dependent on this respite work as a primary source of income
    • Sensitive to relationship and working thoughtfully and collaboratively with the varied professional concepts and personalities of the PTCs


    Other Information:

    Crisis, Relationship, and Respite in PIC

    As above, while respite opportunities are very much needed for PTCs, it is a vital part of the PIC model that respite is not seen as the primary or only option at first sign of crisis or challenge within placements, rather these difficult moments are often viewed as key opportunities for the PTC to journey with the young person through and beyond - to learn, reconcile, and deepen relationship. Respite Carers in PIC will therefore be seeking to work sensitively alongside PTCs, to form part of the community of care around a young person, to provide continuity of care experience amongst a network of trusted peers, to support PTCs with proactive and seamless options both helpful for them personally, as well as enriching for the young person.

    Contact details
    Contact Name: Damian Cooper
    Contact Email:
    Contact Phone: 0413099947
    How to apply

    If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to become a professional career at PIC, please give Damian Cooper a call on 0413 099 947

    Date posted: 21 October 2019

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