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The Outreach worker works closely with the case management team and provides case management and outreach to support and empower people in the transgender community who may be struggling with various health and welfare issues.

This position delivers day to day service delivery through outreach services to street based transgender sex workers providing safer sex and drug using equipment where required, the outreach position also takes the lead role in supporting clients with referrals and information regarding first steps of transitioning what to expect, risks vs benefits common side effects mental health supports, fertility preservation options as well as linking clients into support groups.

The position is responsible for the design and delivery of all health related workshops to the community relating to D&A issues HIV/AIDS STI’s BBV’s  and aspects of transition, as well as providing a comprehensive range of case management initiatives to our community and housing clients

The Gender Centre is an Equal Opportunity Employer and suitably qualified transgender and non-transgender applicants are highly encouraged to apply.


Job Board
Job CategorySocial Work
Employment BasisPart Time
LocationInner West Sydney


  • Relevant tertiary qualifications: Certificate 4 in Welfare or Social Work in community welfare with at least 2 years’ experience working in the health and welfare sector

Essential Criteria

  • Relevant tertiary qualifications: Certificate 4 or Social Work in community welfare with at least 2 years’ experience working in the health and welfare sector
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the health and related issues and barriers affecting the transgender community
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and sensitivity to issues and problems faced by transgender persons engaged in the sex worker industry.
  • Ability to provide appropriate, support and referrals (to both government and non- government agencies)
  • Ability to provide education and support on issues of safer sex and safer drug using techniques to the transgender community
  • Ability to provide education and support on the individuals needs during transition
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate complex information (including health-related information) in an educative role to our clients
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills (non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, non- dictatorial) as well as maintain confidentiality within a small community
  • Well-developed oral, written and reporting skills.
  • Demonstrated understanding of issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS/STI/BBV, particularly in relation to their impact on the transgender community.
  • Experience with and knowledge of community based organisations / NGOs.
  • Experience in the provision of a Case Management model to clients
  • Basic computer and Internet skills.
  • A current driver’s license.

Desirable Criteria

  • Current first aid certificate or the ability to acquire a certificate
  • Experience with CIMS Data Program or the ability to rapidly acquire the knowledge
  • Experience in all aspects of transition or the ability to rapidly acquire the knowledge

How to Apply

How to apply for a position within The Gender Centre:

  1. Cover Letter: A cover letter stating the name of the position that you are applying for and a brief summary of your skills, experience and knowledge that are relevant to that position.
  2. Statement addressing the selection criteria: A statement addressing each of the selection criteria must be provided with your application. Each position has a specific selection criteria and it is necessary to address that criteria should you wish to be considered for the position. When addressing the selection criteria you should give examples from your previous work that demonstrates how you meet the relevant criteria. You should state how your experience, skills and knowledge enable you to satisfy the selection criteria.Each essential and desirable criteria MUST be answered
  3. Resume: A copy of your current resume must be provided with your application. Your resume should include your contact details and educational qualifications. It should list your previous employers, how long you worked for each employer and a summary of the main duties that you performed at each place of employment. Your resume should also include the contact details of at least current/recent two work related referees.
  4. Submitting your application: Your application must be submitted by close of business (4.30 pm) on the closing date. Applications after that date may not be considered. You can either email your application to the person identified on the job advertisement to or send the application (marked confidential) directly to:The Executive Director
    41 - 43 Parramatta Road
    Annandale NSW 2038

    You may deliver your application personally to the address above.

    Please note that applications that are posted or delivered, need to be marked “Confidential” on the front of the envelope

The Gender Centre Inc

The Gender Centre Inc. is the peak state-wide multidisciplinary center of excellence providing a broad range of specialised health, welfare and housing services to the transgender population of NSW. We provide Gender Affirming psychosocial care and support trans and gender expressive people at every stage of their journey as they explore their authentic sense of self. This includes for some of our clients transition support (pre, -mid-and post transition). The center continues to work as the leading frontline, service provider to this community and their families.

The Gender Centre provides services across four domains:

  1. Psychosocial supports and wellbeing
  2. Health
  3. Homelessness
  4. Education

The team at the Gender Centre is composed of members with varied but complimentary experience, qualifications, and skills that contribute to the achievement of the centers specific objectives, goals and client outcomes.

Our team consists of Caseworkers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Speech pathologist, Students and Volunteers and outreach workers.

ContactThe Gender Centre Inc
Phone number 90555341
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