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Affirm Organizational Development and Training


Affirm Organizational Development and Training has been providing organisational, and community development, and training for human services for over 20 years, including facilitation of planning, change management, service and practice development, and community engagement processes, development and facilitation of training programs, and reviews, evaluations and research.


Grace Leotta is the founder and principal consultant of Affirm. She is a Harvard University trained adaptive leadership (leading change) consultant, an internationally certified facilitator and community engagement practitioner, a nationally accredited trainer and assessor, an Australasia licensed community engagement trainer, and an accredited social worker, with tertiary qualifications in community management, adult education and social studies.

Grace has a background in management, community development and family work. She also has experience in teaching at a tertiary level in community consultation, community management and social science.

Geographical spread or limits

Across NSW and Australia wide, with experience in working across Australia and in New Zealand/Aotearoa and Samoa

Services provided

  • Facilitation, training and consultancy on:
  • Organisational Development and Change Management
  • Governance, Leadership and Management Development
  • Planning, Review, Evaluation and Research
  • Community Engagement, Participation and Development
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Staff and Team Development
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness

Values and principles statement:


  • Respond and tailor to your needs and situation, and to the environment in which you work.
  • Bring up to date knowledge, experience and perspectives.
  • Are highly consultative and collaborative.
  • Acknowledge and build on your strengths, achievements and aspirations.
  • Balance being practical with a strong framework.
  • Produce tangible and sustainable results on time.
  • Ensure what we do is responsive to the diverse needs and experiences of the members of your organisation and community.
  • Support you to match and integrate what you are doing at different levels: governance and management, community engagement and collaboration, and support and service delivery.

Grace Leotta


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0419 294 383
02 9816 3691

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