A NSW free from poverty and inequality

Communities in the Far West and Western NSW face significant challenges. Access to opportunities and services in these areas is often hampered by levels of investment that do not fully account for the impact of distance, sparse population density and levels of need. Too often, this translates to substandard services and people who are already financially disadvantaged facing out-of-pocket costs that they cannot realistically meet. By investing just $13 million per year communities in Western NSW and the Far West could be empowered to make positive change in their region.

News & Updates

NCOSS partnered with Just Reinvest NSW and Juvenile Justice to host a new perspectives forum on the practical implementation of justice reinvestment projects in Aboriginal communities. You can access the presentations of our guest speakers here. 

NCOSS recently travelled across regional and metropolitan NSW to hear from communities about the barriers they face, and the types of support they need to build a more equitable community free of poverty and disadvantage. In these consultations, access to legal assistance was consistently raised as an area of significant concern for communities, particularly those experiencing disadvantage. Our submission draws on the feedback we received from these visits.

When we speak to people and communities across the State, we hear that our current system of driver licensing is simply not serving Aboriginal people well. We hear about the systemic barriers preventing Aboriginal people from obtaining and holding onto a driver licence and the consequences this has on them, their families and community. Research shows that unlicensed driving plays a significant role in Aboriginal people being killed or injured in car accidents and is one of the leading causes behind the rapid rise in rates of Aboriginal incarceration.

NCOSS welcomes this opportunity to provide input to the current inquiry into driver education, training and road safety. For many people with low incomes, particularly those in rural and regional areas of NSW, the ability to drive is a crucial link to employment, services, community and opportunity. This submission will focus on the needs of Aboriginal people, particularly those living in rural and regional NSW, and highlight a range of issues they face in obtaining driver training and successfully fulfilling the requirements to obtain and retain a driver’s licence.

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