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The Skilled to Thrive project was established to ensure people with disability continue to have access to appropriate supports to exercise choice and control in their lives by building the capacity of Advocacy and Information organisations to respond to the changing funding and service delivery landscape. This page hosts the resources developed as part of this project.

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What stories are there to tell one year after the completion of NDIS roll-out in New South Wales?

Are disability information and advocacy services materially changing and adapting in response to the times?

Are there new practice models that are emerging, or old ones that are evolving?

NCOSS “Stories of Change and Good Practice” project is aiming to develop a set of practical resources.

These resources are for disability advocates, social services staff and group facilitators who assist people through tough times.

This practice guide prepares workers to help people make decisions in difficult periods of their lives.

The implementation of the practice guide can be enhanced through the use of:

Current changes in disability policy, such as the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), entail a move away from substitute decision making for the person with disability to supported decision making by the person themselves, with appropriate safeguard supports to reduce the risk of harm.

The "Selling what I’m Good At" panel session, held as part of the Skilled to Thrive project, featured two Advocacy & Information organisations who are investigating/in the process of commercialising aspects of their expertise in different ways. The session gave organisations an opportunity to explore and strengthen their understanding of the funding opportunities presented by the NDIS to develop their ability to plug some potential funding gaps.

Watch the session: 


This Conflict Of Interest (COI) resource has been developed for the Skilled to Thrive Project in response to requests for more detail on possible ‘best practice’ in the area of COI. In these early stages, there is not yet a clear definition of ‘best practice’, however, there are a number of key areas of consideration which can be used as a guide: Part A Governance, Part B Operations and Part C Clients.

Some of the diverse services that Advocacy & Information providers currently deliver under the umbrella terms ‘advocacy’ and ‘information’ may, when viewed as distinct areas of work, be services that an A&I could offer under the NDIS.

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