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Templates and resources

These resources are specifically designed to be capacity building tools for the NSW social services sector. 

Listed here are media release templates, campaign letter templates and best practice guidelines on a variety of topics, from governance to management and more. 

See the latest resources below or browse by focus area.

Information sheet: Quality Improvement Standards for Management and Governance

In this information sheet three main aspects of quality improvement standards in management and governance are introduced:

An overview of quality improvement processes Core standards for management and governance An overview of the diversity of quality assurance processes in NSW

Information sheet: Professional Supervision

Over the last few years, professional supervision has become an option of choice for many executive officers/senior managers in the community sector. This information gives guidelines for good supervision and effective professional relationships.

Information sheet: Making Sense of Measurement and Evaluation

This is a quick guide, prepared by members of the Forum of Non Government Agencies (FONGA) to identify and explain many of the terms used when measurement and evaluation are talked about.

Information sheet: Disaster Readiness Resources

The following information and resources were developed in response to the Victorian bushfires in 2009.  They are designed to assist communities and the organisations working with them respond to emergency situations.

Information sheet: Ethical Frameworks: Code of Ethics and Conduct

Managing ethics in the workplace involves identifying and prioritising values to guide behaviours in the organisation. This can be achieved through the development of codes of ethics and conduct and associated policies and procedures.

Information sheet: The Board and the CEO - Building an effective relationship

It has been said that the most important decision any Board can make is the appointment of their Executive Officer. And the most important relationship is that between the board, particularly the executive and the executive officer. Here are some tips for ensuring this relationship is productive.

Information sheet: Qualities for Good Leadership

Our top tips to become an effective leader of a community organisation.

Information sheet: Monitoring the Board's performance - adopting standards

Monitoring the board's performance is a worthwhile exercise. This information sheet will help your board set standards that should form a measure for its roles and functions.

Information sheet: Managing conflict of interest

This information sheet will define what a conflict of interest is and provide a framework for managing the risks associated with real or perceived conflicts.

Information sheet: Good governance

This fact sheet provides governance guidelines to assist NGOs to operate to high standards of governance so they are effective in achieving the goals of their organisation and ensuring proper accountability.

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